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Sales and Installation of PowerLock Solar Safety Pool Covers and HeatSaver Thermal Pool Covers!

Both types of Pool Covers are custom sewn on-site to fit virtually any size or shape of pool.

PowerLock Solar Safety Pool Covers offer Five Great Benefits!

  • Extend your Swim Season: collects the Sun’s energy to allow you to swim earlier in the spring and later in the fall.
  • Save Lives:  Impossible for a child or pet to fall into the pool water
  • Save Money: up to $2000 Annually on Pool Maintenance: reduce pool service costs, pool pump electric costs, chemical costs and water costs.
  • Cleaner Pool:  Keeps out leaves, dirt and debris
  • Hibernate your pool: for months at a time, even FOREVER if you want.

HeatSaver Thermal Pool Covers can cut your winter pool heating fuel costs by 50% or more by retaining heat in the pool water and reducing evaporation.

Watch our videos below to learn more about the benefits and money savings of a Solar Safe Pool Cover.

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