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Make a clean start with the JAWS – Just Add Water System line of house hold cleaning products.

The JAWS® (Just Add Water System™) reusable spray bottle comes with refill pods of powerful concentrate. When mixed with water, the pods create non-toxic* cleaning products that are effective, yet biodegradable, and clean without streaking or leaving residue. When your spray bottle is empty, simply refill it with water, reload it with another pod, and reuse it!

Our bottles are designed to be reused, and our refill pods, as well as our bottles, are recyclable, reducing plastic in landfills. With the innovative system of eco-friendly cleaning products, you can save money while you're helping to save the planet.

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  • It's an easy way to do the right thing for your home and the environment!
  • Simply buy one bottle of any JAWS cleaning product, which comes with one refill pod already attached. After the bottle empties, refill your reusable bottle with tap water, pop in the JAWS refill pod, twist on the sprayer and watch the concentrates dispense into the bottle; creating a brand new bottle of cleaner. No pouring, no spilling and no measuring! It's simple!
  • Repeat again and again!

How To Use JAWS Cleaners

JAWS products are available in many great varieties, including:

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner | See the wood, not the cleaner. A hardwood floor cleaner that won’t leave any residue! Gets the dirt and grime out while leaving hardwood and other flooring surfaces shining and haze free.
  • Kitchen Cleaner / Degreaser | Great inside & outside of the home! A superior kitchen cleaner and degreaser that removes everyday grease and grime! Mentioned by The Wall Street Journal as an effective cleaner for barbecues and grills.
  • Shower Daily Cleaner | Perfect for everyday use. Our fast-acting cleaner dissolves & emulsifies lime, soap scum, and mineral deposits! Works great without streaks, hazy residue or heavy fragrances.

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Radio Interview

Hear Inventor and President/CEO of JAWS International, Bruce Yacko's interview with Rosie On The House in the following podcast covering Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!





Plant Tour

Images from Romey's plant tour of JAWS Manufacturing in Toledo, Ohio posted to our facebook albums.


JAWS Just Add Water System

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