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Full service pest control company. Using Gecko Guard, we can eliminate and manage "doorway pests" in and around your home! We also cover everything from termites and bed bugs! We are also a Termidor Certified Company. Learn more about our processes and our rates.  To learn more about ALL of our services click Here!

Pest Control: We specialize in unique desert pest problems and Tucson Pest Control that begins with value and safe practices and end in a solution. We take into account that every home and home owner is not the same and many desert pest problems are unique needing a customized solution protocol.  To read more about our pest control services and our Gecko Guard Pest Control Pricing Matrix click Here!

Termite Control: We have developed effective and comprehensive treatment protocols to solve tough Tucson Termite problems. We take into account that every home and home owner is not the same when we develop a personalized solution to protect your most valuable asset. To read more about our Termite treatment protocols and our Guaranteed GREEN Termite treatment options click Here!

Landscape: Our Landscape Services Division is backed with a CR21 residential and commercial contractors lisc. #304032 and our landscape manager has been a Contractor over 25 yrs. To learn more about our Landscaping Services click Here!

June 2001
Years in the Trade

Owner / Operator W. Bret Holland since 1992

Gecko Pest Management and Landscape is a local family owned business started in 2001. Gecko has built a brand in Tucson for great service and value backed by their promise to solve your problem with no excuses. Our employees are well trained, courteous and thoughtful. We understand our most valuable assets are the relationships that are built one customer at a time. At Gecko we always "Do the right thing, especially when no one is looking or will notice"


Every home and homeowner is different, and every treatment plan can vary in work scope and needs. 

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Pack Rats: To learn more click Here!

An environmental plan was followed to locate nests and other problem areas for rodents. Rodents were trapped for a few days before the nest removal and yard clean up was begun. Yard clean up included nest destruction and trimming of cactus, trees, and bushes. All clippings and waste materials were disposed of in a large roll off.
The company was contacted for termite inspection and control, AND a rodent problem outdoors. The termite plan was discussed and will be initiated at a later date when seasonal weather is more appropriate. The pest control service (pack rats and mice) went according to plan and the company was flexible with additional needs that were discovered, such as pack rats invading and attempting to destroy wiring on a large ground level air conditioning unit outside. An expert crew member designed and implemented a shield for the A/C so that rodents could no longer enter. In addition, another entry way for rodents into the house from the roof (down the dryer exhaust vent) was blocked by a customized device placed over the vent. During all of these procedures and yard work, the leaders, Bret and John, were organized, skilled and professional. Their team members were hard working, polite, quiet, and respectful of all personal property. I cannot say enough good things about this whole experience with Gecko Pest Management.
Judith Griffin

Pest Control:  to learn more click Here!

Professional in every way. These guys know their stuff and always have the customers needs, and getting the job done right, in mind.Barrie Soulvie The entire experience was very good, everything was well explained, and the pricing was very competitive. I hired them to service two houses for the next year. Well done Gecko...and I expect this will be a long term arrangement. 

Kenneth Campbell

Provided basic maintenance exterior pest control (perimeter spray)plus additional treatment for ants. We requested that there be no interior treatment since the previous time had been effective with no new issues.
Our route man, was, as always, prompt, pleasant, efficient, and friendly. He answered several general questions about specific pest and or weed issues, providing easily understandable explanations. He also provided details about possible additional services that we might be helpful to us in the future (primarily regarding weed control). Our Tech always calls us the day before the scheduled service to confirm the appointment and in the past has changed the day and or time at our request to accommodate our schedule. He gets the job done while maintaining a friendly, communicative relationship with us. We're very glad to have him as our technician, and are very pleased with Gecko as a company.
Paul Godsey

Bees: To learn more click Here!

We called them in a panic because bees had taken over one whole side of the garage. They were even inside of the eaves of the garage. Gecko came out, diagnosed the issue and resolved the issue all in the same day! They had all the equipment they needed on their trucks, they didn't need to leave for additional supplies. We would not hesitate to call them again in the future for other pest needs.

David Stephens


Landscaping: to learn more click Here!

Design and installation of front yard landscaping and improvement of irrigation system.  After working with Gecko Pest Control when purchasing my new home, I learned that they also provide landscaping services. The president of Gecko, Brett, was involved from the very beginning and suggested to me that they do some work on the front yard as I had shared with him that it lacked "pizzazz." I met with John, who walked the property with me and talked about some ideas to bring in more light and to add or move plants to areas that looked better and made more sense. John was very professional and very knowledgeable, having been in the landscape business for many, many years. After providing an outline to the homeowner's association, the project got started. I was unexpectedly called out of town on the first day of the project, but I was able to see them getting started and excavating the existing property. I was pretty excited to see the finished product, and because I was not familiar with the environment in Tucson, I wasn't too sure what to expect. The project took just 3 days, and when I arrived home I was thrilled to see the results. Prior to the landscaping job, my yard was very plain and dark. I believe that the front yard had no upgrades from the original construction, as there really only was one tree and about 9 bushes. When I saw the yard for the first time, I couldn't believe it. Not only had they incorporated some of the plants I had asked about, the crew had put in a variety of other plants that look amazing and work really well. The yard looks great and has the wow factor that I was hoping for. John told me that he had a few ideas for the back yard and I can hardly wait to see it!

Susan Weber


Termites: to learn more click Here!

Gecko Pest Management did a termite elimination all over my house.
I like everything about them; most incredibly their integrity. They did a very good job. They came out and did what they said they were going to do. They were willing when I was pointing out something else that they just went ahead and did that. They’re very nice. They’re competitive in their price. They showed up on time and finished just when they said they would. They were very polite and courteous. The owner of the company came out and walked through with the technician who is actually did the work. I couldn’t think of single thing they could have done.
Phyllis Hinkel


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