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Foundation stabilizing with deep driven steel piers, helical anchors, micro piles epoxy injection, deep pressure grouting, and slab-jacking. Excavation Lowering, heave remediation.

We specialize in radon detection and elimination.

The only “Certified Foundation Repair Specialist” from the National Foundation Repair Association in the State of Arizona. And the only foundation repair company in Arizona with a licensed civil engineer on our staff.

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Rosie's & Romey's Comments

Arizona soils offer up many unique challenges to the home building and remodeling industry. As we grow our subdivisions into prior undisturbed soils and build over retired agricultural fields the issue of foundation failure becomes more and more prevalent.

If you suspect your home is experiencing foundation failure, a proper analysis is vitally important. Foundation heaving due to expansive soils is a much bigger problem than most people realize. Heaving and settling, both foundation failures are corrected using many different methodologies, technologies and equipment. Regardless the reason for the failure, Arizona Foundation Solutions has the experience and equipment to correct it.

To ensure you don’t throw a bunch of money at a mis-diagnosed foundation failure I recommend you start by calling Arizona Foundation Solutions for a complete Foundation Assessment Report. A small expense in relation to the thousands of dollars I’ve seen spent “correcting” the wrong thing!


Pricing will be determined after a thorough foundation investigation and site survey has been completed by a foundation expert.


Bob is an active member of the International Code Council, a LEED Acredited Professional, graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Design Science - School of Architecture and all of our consultants are Certified Foundation Repair Specialists.






 Arizona Foundation Solutions has been accredited since 11/15/2001 with the Better Business Bureau, and has maintained an A+ rating.

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