What is a 2-10 warranty? Do I need one for my new home?

A 2-10 warranty is an extended warranty on a new home. Rosie does not recommend that homeowners buy extended warranties.
Most new homes automatically come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. In addition, manufacturers’ warranties cover your new appliances for a year. Systems like your air conditioning usually come with manufacturers’ warranties that cover the a/c compressor and parts on high-quality equipment for 10 years and labor for up to two years.

While there are no guarantees, most problems with your new home will occur within the time frame of the warranties you get without paying extra. So it’s unlikely you’ll get your money’s worth from an extended warranty.
A 2-10 warranty is available only through the home builder. It covers workmanship and material through year one, appliances and systems like HVAC, plumbing and mechanical through year two, and structural defects through year 10. The builder is not the one who fixes stuff under this warranty; a warranty company has relationships with its own contractors for these jobs.
Some buyers of new homes are given the opportunity to buy this warranty when they move in, and to extend it when it runs out.
In place of extended warranties, Rosie recommends regular maintenance and working with reputable builders who stand behind their work.