What are the benefits of a foam roof?

Tired of constant repairs on your flat or low-slope roof?  We have an excellent solution: Replacing that old roof with a seamless, waterproof blanket of poly-urethane foam, that can insulate as well and save from 15 to 40 percent on your monthly energy bills for cooling and heating.

 According to Tim Forstie of our Rosie Certified Partner Durafoam Inc. of Phoenix, urethane foam will alleviate many problems that have long plagued the owners of homes with flat roofs, like the increase in large ponding areas that can lead to the breakdown of bitumen or tar-based roofing membranes. Foam can be added to low areas to encourage drainage, and in places where pooling is still present, foam helps resist deterioration.

Another area of your roof where conventional roofing products often breakdown is around walls, pipes and other roof penetrations. A high quality application of urethane foam will make metal flashings mostly unnecessary. That’s because foam has “self-flashing” characteristics when it is laid around penetrations, including vents and skylights for example.

Poly-urethane foam is ideal for new construction as well and has been used for roofs at car dealerships, schools and other commercial buildings. But re-roofing is Durafoam’s biggest business, with residential installations leading the way.

“Many of the old roofs we do can be recovered with foam,” Forstie said. “We clean and prepare the existing membrane and then install the Durafoam system over the top. The process saves on costs for the homeowner and helps the environment by keeping old roofing materials out of our landfills.”

Back in October 2010, many roofs of all kinds were damaged in an unusual hail storm. If your roof was not inspected then, you need to call Durafoam for a free inspection. “We recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected annually to catch potential problems before they can cause costly repairs,” Forstie said.

Roof damage left unattended can lead to deterioration of the underlying structure of your roof. Eventually, this will greatly multiply the cost of your repairs.

If you already have a foam roof, you want to call Durafoam to see if your roof needs a preventive re-coating to maintain its strength and integrity.

A Rosie Certified Partner for more than 20 years, Durafoam has been serving the Valley of the Sun since 1989 with top-quality roof installations using the best foam and coating materials and the finest quality workmanship. This is a firm that uses the most modern equipment and highest quality materials and ensures that its staff is thoroughly trained in proper roofing techniques.