What are Tecoma Bells of Fire®?

Tecoma of Bells of Fire® (Red Esperanza Bignoniaceae):
Bells of Fire ™  is the result of the Tecoma breeding project of George Hull at V&P Nurseries in Phoenix.Tecomas are all new world except one ranging from the southwest to northern Argentina. Until recently, Tecomas were available in yellow or orange. The goal for breeding this selection was to get more color range as well as a compact plant that produces few if any seeds. Whereas some Tecomas sold can only be enjoyed out a second story window, 5-6’ tall by 3-4’ wide will be her usual size. In the low desert with high night time temps, the color can fade to orange returning as soon as night temperatures drop. She also will perform admirably well in light shade under the canopy of a mesquite or palo verde. Seed production is usually minimal and those that are produced, the song birds will be happy to take from you. Tecomas will perform better if periodically given some additional all purpose fertilizer. Tecomas bloom on new wood thus more branches more flower spikes.

  • A bright rich red flowering shrub even for shade
  • Little care needed
  • Blooms nearly continuously only stopping if hit by hard frost

Care Information
After danger of frost, if the plant is overgrown, a hard pruning to within a foot of the ground will bring new life.

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