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9/12/20 Talking Trees: #TreePlanting & the #ArizonaRosewood

Grab a pen and paper, we've got lots of great information to go over!

Rosie on the House Vauquelinia Californica aka AZ Rosewood HedgeSpecial Guest: Dave Jernigan of Gardener's Touch Landscaping

Tree of the Month: Arizona Rosewood | Scientific name: Vauquelinia californica | More Info

Monthly Tree Planting Tips for September:

These questions & more are answered in the podcast segment below

  • Cooler temps? Is Fall in the air?
  • Overseeding your lawn?
    • If possible, prune trees first to avoid dragging brush over the new lawn. Timing?
  • Turf Health | Aeration, fertilization, insect and disease problems in turf
  • Late season fertilization starts now through November:
    • Fall fertilization may be the most important application for overall tree health
    • Soil additives and amendments:
      • Biological soil enhancer/Kelp extract/Humic acid/Citric acid/
      • Wetting agent-Surfactant/Beneficial soil bacteria/Mycorrhizae
  • Rake your fall leaves and make a compost pile, ready by spring.
  • Apply 2-inch layer of wood chips beneath your trees.
    • Wood chips:
      • Moderate soil temperature
      • Reduce water loss through evaporation
      • Promote nitrogen cycling
      • Improve soil microbiology
      • Reduce runoff and erosion
      • Control dust
      • Control weeds
  • Pruning can resume, especially mesquites and other trees that require 2x per year pruning.

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