Red Flags That Could Stop Your Home From Selling Text

Most of us have a home inspection before buying a house, but what about having one before you sell your existing home so you know what problems could stop your house from selling for a top price? 

With the help of Dave Woityra of Seal of Approval, a home inspection company in Tucson, we came up with five red flags – especially common in Arizona homes -- that could say to buyers: Watch out, big repairs ahead here!

1. Weird wiring in your electric panel

Frequently, homeowners double-tap into an existing breaker so that two wires go into the same circuit. It may be working so far. But it’s a possible fire hazard. Get it fixed.

2. A house that can’t pass the smell test

After a brisk walk out in the fresh air, breathe deeply when you walk inside. Inhale deeply. If a house smells musty, it can mean mold or mildew.

3. Improper venting on water heaters

This can actually cause carbon monoxide to build up in your house.

4. Railings and bannisters that don’t meet code

They’re not tall enough and they’re not properly fastened to the wall.

5. DIY remodels that were done without a building permit

Like a flimsy patio roof or a carport that was turned into a garage.