I never use my swimming pool. Is there a way to cover it permanently? Text

It’s not a good idea to fill in or permanently cover an old swimming pool. A better solution is to build a temporary deck over your swimming pool so you can remove it if you decide to sell your home later. A pool can add value to your home.  

Plus, if you fill in a pool and hide it under the dirt, you must disclose that fact when you sell your home. And the excavation costs for a new pool in the location where the old one was could be astronomical.   

Rosie recommends that you cover your unused pool with a deck made from a composite material. Composite is a wood-polymer lumber made from wood waste mixed with reclaimed plastic from shopping bags and plastic film. Composite wood is substantially more durable than the 100 percent vinyl or plastic wood products on the market. 
It’s also virtually maintenance-free.  
When you want to use the pool again or sell your home, you can have the deck removed and resurface the pool.

For more information contact our Rosie Certified Partner: Deckover