Do I need to use high-gloss paint in the kitchen and bathroom?

There was a time when the only paint you could scrub free of fingerprints, food spatters and crayon art was high-gloss. But new flat paints are formulated for scrubbing, too, so you have a choice.
A matte finish looks a lot nicer on a wall than a shimmery, reflective surface. More homeowners are switching to a flat matte paint in every room of the house, even bathrooms and kitchens. It seems to be the trend.

Flat paint also covers nail hole cover-ups and other flaws better than gloss, and it touches up nicer.
If you still feel “safer” rolling a durable gloss on the walls of your wet rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, mud room and laundry room, consider toning it down a little with a satin or semi-gloss finish instead of high-gloss. Then stick with flat or eggshell for living areas, bedrooms and hallways for a cleaner, up-to-date look.