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Cooking Tools & Equipment for Emergency Use Applications

For families who camp and still prepare home cooked meals, you will likely have a number of the tools we talk about on this page. However, you'll want to be prepared so you are not completely reliant on electrically operated kitchen tools such as electric knives, hand mixers, food processors, microwaves, etc. There is nothing wrong with these great inventions for the modern age; but make sure you still have the hand tools required to get the job done to conserve any power that may be coming from a portable generator while waiting on the power to be restored.

Fire Starters

No, I have yet to learn to start a fire by rubbing sticks together, but one day I will. Until then, here are some handy fire starters to keep on hand.

Camping/Backpacking Stoves

Rosie on the House Camping Cooking ToolsMany stoves are gas powered or operate on a manufactured heat source, which allow for fast cooking at a controlled temperature. If this is the option you choose, make sure you have a safe, dry place to store the heat source in a certified container. We would also recommend having a small wood burning stove for backup.

Open Flame

Our favorite form of cooking for the taste and flavor.

Solar Cooking

Rosie on the House How A Solar Cooker WorksThis is our favorite way to make bread! We never have burnt crust or blackened bottoms and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Check out the website Cooking With Solar Energy | Bob's Solar Power Hobby Site for a guide to cooking with solar energy.


Any hand operated, stainless steel utensil you can get your hands on will be a well worth investment. Consider: 

  • Knives! – Steak, Butcher, Chopping, Chef, Fillet and yes, even paring knives! We also suggest a good quality sharpening stone.
  • Flatware - Forks, spoons, serving spoons/forks, dinner knife, etc.
  • Stir & Mix – Ladles, whisks, spatula, roux sticks, etc.
  • Stew and Bake – Pots, pans, casserole dishes, etc.

Food Processing

Hand cranked processors have multiple uses, will last for generations and will always be there when you need them.

Cleaning Cooking Related Equipment

If you can heat water to a boil and pour it into the kitchen sink or some type of heat resistant container if you're not at home, then you are pretty much set for sanitizing your supplies. Extra scrubbers and Biodegradable soap are a good idea to have on hand. Check out a few of our other articles in relation to emergency preparedness below!


Local and online retailers for the items listed on this page.

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BassPro Shop Mesa
Cabelas Glendale
Sportsman’s Warehouse Multiple Locations


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