Can I Burn My Christmas Tree In The Fireplace? TextPicture

Can I Burn My Christmas Tree In The Fireplace?

Rosie on the House Christmas Tree Fireplace

Short Answer:


Long Answer: 

No, because you could burn your house down if you throw even a few pine branches into the fire. Dried-out evergreens burn like tinder. 

Christmas tree, a.k.a. pine tree, needles go up in a flash, plus the pitch in the wood creates huge, fast-burning sparks, which can fly across a room or out of the chimney and onto the roof setting your shingles on fire.

The combination of needles and pitch causes flames, heat and smoke to pour out of a fireplace opening with no warning. Also, the fire from a Christmas tree burns so hot that you’re sure to damage the firebox and the chimney.

Bottom Line: 

DO NOT put your tree, or any of its branches, even for kindling, in the fireplace.

Get Rid of The Tree Properly:

Instead, compost your tree or bring it to a recycling center, which will chip it up and turn it into mulch.

Happy Holidays!