Are there any rebates available if I upgrade my pool pump to stay legal with the new Arizona regulation for 2012?

Both SRP and APS are offering rebates to its customers who make the upgrade. You’ll find a $200 rebate on all newly manufactured variable-speed pumps and $100 back on dual-speed models. If you go with the dual-speed model, you’ll also need to purchase a timer or control board—a second separate piece of equipment that’s capable of switching motor speeds automatically.

An additional $75 rebate is currently being offered—one per household—when you purchase one of these newly manufactured seasonal timers (retail price of about $250).

Call your utility provider or visit their website for details about how to take advantage of the rebate being offered where you live. Also, get together with your pool professional before making any purchases to ensure you’re taking advantage of the rebate properly.

Tucson customers who use TEP will need to get on a waiting list for any pool pump rebates as the incentives are currently exhausted.