The concept to develop an eStore was birthed out of observation in filling consumer needs. The natural topic around holidays for us is "what to give the handyman in your life" or "what to give or projects to do for Mother's Day" as you can see in the 1996 video of Rosie on Good Morning Arizona.

As a result of covering these gift ideas that were often new tools we discovered in research, saw on job site or find at the National Hardware Show, views and listeners of our radio broadcast would flood the phone lines wanting to know where to purchase the items. Often times the tools we covered were not locally avaliable and had to be special ordered like the wheelbarrow from Pennsylvania or the stud finder from Idaho. What we intended to be a fun program covering new inventions and technologies resulted in may disappointed consumors frustrated with us because the thorn proof gloves from Michigan were only had men's large for us to show and tell and a lady's small wouldn't arrive until two week's after Mother's Day.

Hardware stores and mail services like Amazon were not always a solution either as many of these start-up inventions couldn't meet the production requirements to get them stocked on shelves or warehouse. Basic supply and demand principles.

Currently we have a separation of product locations.

eStore Items

One location for the unique tools and products we have tried and tested and feel adds value to homeowners. These can be found by navigating to our trusted partner search center, enter a city or zip code in the location field, select "eStore" in the category field and click search. You could also just type "eStore" into the search field.

Franklin Sensor Stud Finder

Pro Sensor 710+
Pro Sensor T6
2 products total.
HexArmor Safety Products
MX300 Tinted Safety Glasses
Thorn Resistant Gloves
18 products total.
Valley Forge Flag Company
American Made Flag
Arizona Flag
5 products total.

30th Anniversary, custom etched tools, hat & shirts

The other location is Rosie eStore. In our 30 years, Rosie merchandise is the one listener request we have never accommodated...until now! American Made hats, tee-shirts are available along with the essential hand tools every Arizona homeowner should have. Each of these items are Rosie on the House branding etched, embroidered and logoed. In true Rosie fashion, proceeds from our 30th anniversary items will be donated to our three non profit partners; Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent De Paul and Military Assistance Mission. In order to simplify our operations, all 30th anniversary items are being sold on a separate website. To see the complete listing of our 30th Anniversary items, visit Rosie's eStore.

NOTE: These items are MADE TO ORDER. Estimated time for delivery will be mid-January.