Our home maintenance calendar is the ideal guide for Arizona homeowner's who strive to keep a maintained home and high quality of life standard. It's functional and aesthetic. Informative and fun. Practical and precise. Plain and packed full of information we have been collecting for thirty years.

To order a free copy, email us at Info@RosieontheHouse.com. Be sure to include the name and the address you would like the calendar shipped to!



Features in the calendar:


#1. Rosie on the House services & promotions.


#2. 2017's Photo Contest winners.


#3. Featured Partner & Industry of the month.


#4. Home & yard to do's with keywords for fast reference.


#5. Certified Partners serving in the industry related to the month's topic.


#6. Rosie on the House history


#7. Arizona history


#8. Monthly Staycation with featured destination for the time of year.







We have already started putting together 2019's Home Maintenance Calendar with enhancements and new features! If you have a suggestion or want to submit a photo or recipe, email us at info@rosieonthehouse.com.

You may submit more than one photo or recipe, but only one individual winner per category. Example; if you submitt five photos and three are voted in the top 12, only the top ranked image will be accepted and the second & third photos will be discarded to ensure we have tweleve individual winners.

Photo and recipe voting is held October 1st through October 15th. Entries submitted past votings start date will be added to the voting pool for 2020's calendar. Thank you and may the best submissions win!