Work hard play hard

18 September 2013
Work hard, play hard! This was Dr Rosie Romero's (Rosie's Dad)  modus operandi and it has been successfully passed down. There isn't a Romero that doesn't enjoy the fruits of hard labor. There is also no such thing as a  Romero who doesn't have a passion outside of work! Take this last weekend for example:
Julia and James helped cheer James' favorite team to victory. (Of course, this meant that Rosie and Jenn had the privilege of hanging out with 3 rug rats 4 1/2 and under- special times!)

Romey and Amanda are hard core urban farmers. They spent some hours pickling their bountiful okra crop. Yum!

Rosie and Jenn took their horses and their German short hairs and headed for the high desert. It was a little warm but it was well worth it for, as Winston Churchill said, ' Something about the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.'

It is good to have things you can look forward to doing with the ones you love. Work will always be there waiting for you. Don't miss opportunities to enjoy life and make memories with your family!

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