What’s the benefit of working with a landscape designer vs. designing my yard myself?

19 July 2012
The smartest investment you can make in your backyard might be to hire a designer.

Sound expensive? Consider what a landscape designer or contractor can do for you:

Save you money.  A pro will steer you clear of fads and safety hazards that a homeowner might regret paying for, and point you toward money-saving trends that might help them get a high-end look for a little less cash. An example: When a homeowner requests flagstone for the patio floor, a landscape pro might show you a sample of travertine, a natural stone in the limestone family, whose price has dropped so much recently that it has become affordable for many who once considered it out of reach.

Help coordinate all of the pieces of your landscape and patio design so the outdoor lights don’t shine in your eyes, the sprinklers don’t “water” the patio floor, the trees don’t cast all-day shade over a grassy patch that needs sun and the fireplace chimney complies with the city’s height restrictions.


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