How can I prevent monsoon storms from damaging my flat roof and causing my ceiling to leak?

31 July 2012
Monsoon Tips from Lyon's Roofing

The best way to prevent a leak is to know if your roof has a problem before the wind and rain begin. Don’t wait for water marks to appear on your ceiling before inspecting your roof to see if it can hold up during a storm.
Climb up onto your roof (or ask a roofer to do it) and do a visual inspection of your roof a couple of times each year and after every big storm. If you don’t feel safe on the roof, there’s no shame in hiring a professional, who will know how to navigate the dew and frost that can collect up there on cold Arizona mornings and any moisture that can make a roof slippery.

Here is what to look for during an inspection of a foam roof or a built-up/asphalt roof, which are the two most common types of flat roofs in Arizona.
1.Locate every roof penetration. Look around the chimney, vents, skylights, walls, flashing, air conditioning elbows and stands, antennas and support wires, and satellite dishes.

2.Remove any build-up of dirt, leaves or pine needles around drains, scuppers or crickets that would cause pooling and keep water from draining off the roof.

3.Trim tree branches away from your roof.


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