Family Pranks

27 January 2009
List the best family pranks/surprises.

Rachael & Wayne Christmas Visit?

One of the top being Dad working out Valentines give away gifts for radio listeners and leaving me alone to do the show alone.

Play favorite break-up songs??? Thank God & Greyhound you're gone, I got a brand new girlfriend, Back Pocket Money, Little Black Book, You Done Me wrong, What's Forever For, Satin Sheets, Forget about Me, You Mean To Say, I'm Over You, The Bluest Eye's In Texas, Some Fools Never Learn, Please Read the Letter, Lost & Found, Still In Love With You, Straight Tequila Night, Even The Man in the Moon is Crying, Blame the Vain Cash? Twitty? Waylon? Willie? Hank? Elvis? Strait? Michael Martin Murphy? Confederate Railroad? Cajun Curve Ball? Restless Heart? Seven Year Ache? Blood Red & Going Down?

Best Country Love songs???

Promo Rosie Doesn't know about.

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