Building a Deck over your pool as an alternative to filling it in for abandonment.

Difficulty Rating: Expert

Beginning of June

Building a Deckover your swimming pool is a great alternative to filling it in! Not only is this a more cost effective method to abandoning your pool, but also allows you to one day re-plaster and fill the pool back up with water should you or a future owner of the house want to use the pool.

The first step is draining the pool. Make sure you check with your local municipality as many now require a permit to drain your pool.

A basic sump pump is installed in the deep end to keep the pool empty after future rains.

Day 1

June 15th:

  • Layout and installation of support beams.

Day 2

June 16th:

  • Installation of floor joist.

Day 3

June 17th:

  • Additional framing and treat wood.

Day 4

June 18th:

  • Installation of top decking planks.

Day 5

June 19th:

  • Final components installed and trimmed, project complete!
If you would like to know more about Deckover, or obtain a proposal from Jeff Getz of Deckover you can contact him online.

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