How does Rosie fry a turkey?

Here is the Romero family recipe for deep fried turkey:
1 whole turkey  
1 can of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning
Peanut oil (enough to fill a pot)
  • Place the turkey in a pot and fill with water to just past the turkey legs
  • Remove the turkey and mark where the water level drops to
  • Fill the pot to this mark with peanut oil once you’ve emptied the water
  • Clean the turkey in the sink, removing all entrails and rinsing with water
  • Pour a generous amount of Tony’s all over the turkey; be generous with seasonings inside of the cavity and get underneath and all around the wings and legs
  • Place completely dry and seasoned turkey in deep fry basket until ready to drop in oil
  • Heat the oil at 350 degrees
  • Drop the seasoned turkey slowly into the boiling pot so the oil won’t splash out
  • The temperature of the oil will drop at least 50 degrees, which is fine, but don’t let it go below 325 degrees
  • Cook for 3½ minutes per pound at 325 degrees. Example: a 15-pound bird takes 52 minutes
  • Remove the bird slowly, allowing the oil to drain out of the basket and cavity
  • Place the turkey on countertop and cover with clean kitchen rags for at least 10 minutes. *This step is very important because this is when the majority of the seasoning is absorbed into the meat
  • Unwrap and carve with a sharp knife!
Serving suggestions:
  • Pour seasoned gravy over the top (you won’t need much) and serve with toasted garlic French bread, garden salad, potato salad, honey-glazed ham, cornbread dressing, dirty rice, raspberry sauce, sweet green beans, or whatever your family’s traditional side dishes are.
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