How can I keep moths out of closets?

Keep moths and bugs out of your closets with cedar. The oil in the wood is a natural insect repellent.
Lining your closet with cedar planks is easy and inexpensive. Buy pre-cut tongue-and-groove planks for about $2.50 apiece. Use a trowel to spread a little mastic glue on the back, and press the boards against the wall and ceiling, tongue side up. 

If cedar-lining an entire closet is not in your budget, consider lining only the drawers and shelves. Note: Cedar oils fade over time; keep the wood fresh and dry by using a dehumidifier. 

You also can deter insects by keeping your closets clutter free, regularly vacuuming closet floors, and storing wool, cashmere and other delicate fabrics in sealed containers or bags.

Rosie and Romey Romero, Every Arizona Homeowners Best Friend
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